Information about Toyroom


Our Manifesto

Toyroom is a peer-to-peer sharing community. We pride ourselves on:


Toyroom is a sharing community, and two of the most essential aspects that characterize a community are respect and trust. They are the bedrock with which Toyroom resides upon.


Trust is at the center of all communities, and Toyroom is no different. We have implemented a system in which complete transparency is the ultimate goal. After any transaction is made, users are encouraged to leave some valuable feedback regarding their experience with that particular user. All of these reviews are able to be seen by any user on the platform. Thereby creating the element of trust and transparency.

It’s Your Call

Having your item listed on Toyroom does not obligate you to ever actually sharing your item. When a user wishes to use your item, you’ll receive a notification prompting you to either accept or reject the transaction with that particular user. Given that all the reviews on a user are on his/her profile, one can easily discern whether or not they would like to share their item with the user. To help you decide, in addition to reviews, Toyroom provides information about each user, as we are in constant contact with each member of our community. This means that you can rest easy when using our platform.

A Helping Hand

Toyroom has a team that monitors all published content to ensure that each user interaction is always respectful and responsible. All photos, comments and profiles are examined to guarantee the confidence of our community, and offer you a reliable, high quality service.


Toyroom requires certain bits of personal information like your telephone or email to verify your identity, send you information or simply contact you. But, all of this data is part of our database and our database only. No other user will be able to access them. Additionally, our users can get in touch with each other through our encrypted internal messaging platform.

We’re Here for You

Furthermore, the entire Toyroom team is ready, willing, and able to help you with any concern you may have. Do not hesitate to reach out ( with any question or worry you may have.