Information about Toyroom

How it works


Q: How do I communicate with the renter?

By allowing you to view & send messages on our secure platform, Toyroom makes communication with the renter simple. When logged in, you will see a new notification in the top right corner. Simply click the notification or go straight to your inbox to view the message. From there, you can reply to the message and make all arrangements with the renter. You can also choose to receive email notifications whenever someone reaches out to you.

Q: How do I accept or decline book requests?

When you receive a booking request, a new notification will pop up in the top right corner of your home page. Simply click the notification or go Dashboard or Inbox to view the message and/or request for booking. Once you receive a booking request, you will be able to Accept it (if you are comfortable with the renter and all the information on his/her profile) or Decline it (if you are not comfortable with the renter trying to book your item or if your item is unavailable during the requested dates).

Q: How does the item transfer occur?

There are several options when it comes to the transfer of the item from owner to renter. These include:

1.     having the owner drop off the item where it is most convenient for the renter

2.     the renter picking the item up from the owner

3.     both renter and owner meeting at an agreed upon location

Q: How do I take one of my listings off Toyroom?

If at any time you would like to remove an item that you have listed on Toyroom, you can do so by simply clicking on your profile in the dashboard. From there, select the listing that you would like take to deactivate. Then click on the ‘close listing’ icon. You can easily reactivate the listing by clicking the same icon.

Q: How do I get paid?

Payments are processed either immediately after the item renter marks the rental period as completed (all conditions satisfied) or two days after rental period ends, whichever event occurs first. The money will be deposited directly into your bank account through Stripe OR directly into your PayPal account as per your instructions.

Q: How much does Toyroom charge per transaction?

Toyroom charges a small 15% fee per transaction that is taken from the item owner. Depending on which payment agent you choose to use, Paypal or Stripe, you'll be charged a small 2.9% of each transaction plus a fixed rate of $0.30 per transaction. For example, assume you list an item for rent on Toyroom and you charge $20.00 per hour. Toyroom takes 15% ($3.00) to cover our operating costs. Paypal or Stripe takes 2.9% ($0.58), plus the $0.30 fixed rate fee for a total of $0.88. If someone rents your item for an hour, you will receive $16.12 directly to your bank account through Stripe or directly into your PayPal account. 

Q: Why is a percentage of my proceeds going to Toyroom?

Toyroom connects the two parties together and provides a platform to communicate, organizationally book, and securely pay for transactions of items. Beyond that, with Toyroom, you can look at user’s profiles to see their ratings and reviews so that the person that is renting your item or the person you’re renting from meets your desired standards. That’s what we call complete transparency. In order to provide this value to our users, we have some overheard costs involved (servers, programmers, legal fees, etc.). The small commission that Toyroom extracts from the transaction is what is used to cover those fees. Plain and simple.

Q: What happens if my item gets damaged during the rental period?

On the off chance that your item does get damaged in any way, we take all appropriate and necessary steps to rectifying the situation. Our Accident Team assesses the damage and makes an appropriate call based on our experience and expert assessing opinions. Then, we work directly with the renter who possessed the item during the time of misuse to get restitution for appropriate damages rendered to the item. Remember, we have the renter’s credit card information on file, so you’re never at risk of losing money on renting your item.


Q: How do I contact the item owner?

For booking requests and inquiries, you can message owners directly through Toyroom! Once you have found the perfect ride, simply connect with them on the listing page by selecting “Contact”. Once completed, simply send your message, which will then be delivered to the item owner. When you get a response, you will receive several notifications.

Q: What should I do if any damage is incurred to the item?

For any incidents/damages, please contact us immediately at so that we may be able to correctly and efficiently handle the situation.

Q: I have paid to rent an item but something came up and I need to cancel. What do I do?

If you have booked an item and can no longer use it for the specified time that you paid for, visit the item owner’s profile and send them a message as soon as you can. Tell them you can no longer rent the item and that you would like to be refunded. The item owner will then log into their Paypal account, find the transaction that you made with them and send you back your money. Additionally, simply email us at and we will be happy to help out.


Q: Is it safe to use Toyroom?

Naturally, one may have doubts regarding listing their item on a service in which they are letting somebody else use their valued item. These doubts may even get stronger when that person is a complete stranger. However, with Toyroom there is nothing to worry about. Allow me to expain why.


Toyroom is a sharing community, and two of the most essential aspects that characterize a community are respect and trust. They are the bedrock with which Toyroom resides upon.


Trust is at the center of all communities, and Toyroom is no different. We have implemented a system in which complete transparency is the ultimate goal. After any transaction is made, users are encouraged to leave some valuable feedback regarding their experience with that particular user. All of these reviews are able to be seen by any user on the platform. Thereby creating the element of trust and transparency.

It’s Your Call

Having your item listed on Toyroom does not obligate you to ever actually sharing your item. When a user wishes to use your item, you’ll receive a notification prompting you to either accept or reject the transaction with that particular user. Seeing as though all the of reviews on that user are on his/her profile, one can easily discern whether or not they would like to share their item with the user. To help you decide, in addition to reviews, Toyroom provides information about each user, as we are in constant contact with each member of our community. This means that you can rest easy when using our platform.

A Helping Hand

Toyroom has a team that monitors all published content to ensure that each user interaction is always respectful and responsible. All photos, comments and profiles are examined to guarantee the confidence of our community, and offer you a reliable, high quality service.


Toyroom requires certain bits of personal information like your telephone or email to verify your identity, send you information or simply contact you. But all this data is part of our database and our database only. No other user will be able to access them. Additionally, our users can get in touch with each other through our encrypted internal messaging platform.

We’re Here for You

Furthermore, the entire Toyroom team is ready, willing, and able to help you with any concern you may have. Do not hesitate to reach out ( with any question or worry you may have.